Structured Finance
This is a type of short-term loan designed to serve as a “bridge” for the client to meet its temporary financial needs with a two-year to three-year maturity in order to forge a strong foundation pending approval of a definite credit facility limit or financing vehicle.  Since this type of loan is suitable for those requiring expeditious short-term loan approvals, provision of security by the client is required and the loan bears a relatively high rate of interest.
As Bridging Finance is mostly provided by foreign financial institutions, Advance Finance will act as a financial advisor and intermediary to arrange for sources of borrowing for clients that have their own objectives in seeking sources of borrowing.  We can even arrange for working capital for clients as we have had excellent relation with international financial institutions.  Coupled the foregoing with our “success formula”, our clients will have access to this type of short-term financing with ease and will not have their own business plan hampered in any way.