We provide loans to real estate developers of every scale and location.  Developers will have access to funds required to ensure continued project development without interruption. In addition to providing loans, we are prepared to locate for you joint venture partners, and to jointly with you map out financial, marketing and administrative plans for your projects. 
  • Long-term  loan  facility (“Term Loan Facility”)  is  the loan facility to support construction business and  land  development of all
         types. We offer appropriate credit lines in congruent with your project cash flow with repayment periods in line with your project
         development periods. We offer grace periods for principal repayments which  may be made in a variety of installment  plans, e.g.
         monthly, quarterly or annually.  Principal repayments may also be  structured  such that corresponding  value of security  can be
         released upon each relevant principal repayment.
  • Short-term loan facility (“Working Capital Facility”) is the loan facility with short-term repayment period to be utilized  as working
         capital through which the client may drowdown as and when required  to cover its requirements  and be  enabled  to  repay  the
         loan as desired. 
  • Aval /Guarantee Facilities are those through which we will give aval to, or  guaranty obligations relating to, repayment,  provision
         or maintenance of public utilities to governmental authorities, or state organizations in connection with  project  developments or
         to enhance the confidence of the client’s trading partners by means  of  aval  or  guarantee  to accommodate  contingent  future
         payments or to secure procurement contracts.   
Please see Announcements of Lending Interest Rates
Please see Announcements of Lending Service Fees
  • Land  and/or structures thereon.
  • Marketable securities.
  • Deposits/shares.
Small, medium and large real estate developer with or without direct experience in real estate development
  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) form;
  • Official Affidavit of the Company or Partnership,  Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and the Shareholders’
         List (in the case of a company);
  • Statements from banks or financial institutions;
  • Latest audited financial statements;
  • Details of the collateral documents;
  • Corporate history and management personal profile;
  • Details of the relevant project, feasibility study, cash flow projection and business plan;
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement or Deposit Agreement to sale and purchase of assets (if any);
  • Other relevant documents.