We provide loans to all types of service business operators in order for them to utilize the same to make investment, to acquire assets, or to use as working capital.
  • Long-term loan facility (“Term Loan Facility”) is the loan facility with  principal  repayment  period  in excess of one year. Principal
         repayment can be made on  a  monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on  the purpose  of the loan and  the  nature of the
         business. This type of loan is to accommodate long-term investment.
  • Short-term loan facility (“Working Capital Facility”) is the loan facility  with short-term repayment period  to be utilized as working
         capital  of  the  entity.  Through this  facility, the  client  may drowdown  as  and when  required to cover  its  requirements  and
         be enabled to repay the loan as desired.
  •  Aval / Guarantee  Facilities  are  those designed to accommodate client’s investment in  purchasing  assets  or goods  in order to
         enhance the confidence of the client’s trading partners.
Please see Announcements of Lending Interest Rates
Please see Announcements of Lending Service Fees
  • All types of immovable properties;
  • Marketable securities;
  • Cash Deposit/shares
  • Being a juristic person incorporated in Thailand;
  • Being a natural person having secured occupation / business.

Borrower being a Juristic Person

  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Form;
  • Official Affidavit of Company or Partnership,  Memorandum of Association and  Articles of Association and the Shareholders’ List
         (in the case of a company);
  • Statements from  financial institutions;
  • Latest  audited financial statements;
  • Details of the collateral documents;
  • Corporate history, management personal profile and business plan;
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement or Deposit Agreement to sale and purchase of goods or assets (if any);
  • Other relevant documents.

Borrower Being an Ordinary Person

  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Form.
  • Personal identification card.
  • House registration.
  • Marriage or divorce certificate.
  • Certificate of change of name and/or surname (if any).
  • Statements from financial institutions.
  • Details of the collateral documents.
  • Other relevant documents.